IoT Integration Services

Internet of Things(IoT)


Internet-based production/application environments, human beings, and equipment integrated seamlessly


Creating simulation models for managing virtualized systems


Decentralized intelligent systems with decision-making abilities based on machine learning patterns

Real-Time Capability

Big Data and Analytics for real-time data processing

Service Orientation

Cloud Based Web Services


Stackable devices and an ever-growing API stack

IoT Service Offerings

We provide the following IoT Integration services to meet your needs:

IoT Strategy

  • Advice for companies trying to build an IoT strategy. We also provide you with an overview of the business value of various IoT use cases.
  • Establishing certain criteria to increase your ROI
  • Detailed cost-benefit analysis for your IoT project
  • Application and IoT system integration
  • Establishing an IoT technology strategy and determining the essential middleware, software, and hardware elements

Integration of IoT Applications

  • Offer IoT integration solutions that facilitate improved communication between diverse components.
  • Advice on how to make devices API-ready
  • Establish guidelines and procedures for the administration and integration of the internet of things.
  • IoT platforms and IoT cloud service providers' security assessment
  • Development/improvement of the security layer
  • Gathering and analysing data
  • Cloud-based hosting for the processing, analysis, and storage of data
  • Customised reporting that is current
  • The development of a rules engine using machine learning to find risks and patterns
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